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The Stirlings - A Brief History

James Stirling was a Naval Officer. He married Ellen Mangles on 4 September 1823 at Stoke Church, Guildford, England. Lieutenant Governor and later first Governor of the Swan River Colony. Departed the Colony per the HMS Sulphur in 1832 with his family for England and returned with a knighthood on the ship 'James Pattison' via King George's Sound in 1834.  Resigned in 1837 and departed per the ship 'Champion' on 6 January 1839.

Refer 'Land Looking West' by Malcolm Uren and 'James Stirling; by Pamela Statham Drew.

The suburb of Ellenbrook is named after the Ellen Brook, a tributary of the Swan River, which forms part of the eastern boundary.  Ellenbrook is named after Ellen Stirling, the wife of the Colony's first Governor, James Stirling.

In 2017, the location of the Stirlings' graves were found.   

In 1979 (Western Australia's 150th Anniversary of Foundation) the simple granite headstone was repaired and replaced. The inscription reads, 'Sacred to the memory of Admiral Sir James Stirling who died at Woodbridge, in this Parish. On the 22nd day of April 1865, aged 74 years. 'I am the Resurrection and the Life'  Also, 'To the beloved memory of Ellen, widow of Admiral Sir James Stirling, born 4th September 1808. Died 8 the 8th June 1874. 'Thou will show me the paths of life, in thy presence is fullness of joy at they right hand there are pleasures for evermore'. Psalm XVI v11

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