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Colonial History, Perth - 12 August 1829

Painting by George Pitt Morrison 1929

now hanging in Parliament House, Perth

Sir George Murray - Secretary for the Colonies and War 1829,  despatched Lieutenant-Governor Stirling to found the Colony of Western Australia. He instructed him to name his chief town Perth. He is also commemorated in Murray Street, the Murray River in this State, and the Murray River in Victoria.

Captain Fremantle gave a brief account of the actual ceremony of the Proclamation of the Town of Perth.

'The Lieutenant-Governor, made up his mind to establish a Town up the Swan River to be called Perth, and to lay the first stone on it on the King's Birthday, the 12th August 1829. "I offered to render him any assistance with boats and to convey him up. We proceeded, a large party on the 9th but could not pass the bar, therefore hauled the boats over the neck of land and then proceeded up.  On the 12th our Party increased and there being no stone contiguous for our purpose to celebrate the commencement of the new Town, Mrs Dance cut down a tree; we fired volleys, made speeches and gave several cheers; named the Town Perth according to the wishes of Sir George Murray."

Suggested Reading: Swan River Booklets - No 4, "The story of the Birth of Perth" by 'Cygnet' , pen name of Cyril Phillips Bryan.

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