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First European Families of the Swan River Colony

'The first settlers come ashore', illustration by Norm Aisbett.

Sketch print courtesy of the West  Australian Newspaper.

In 2005, volunteers from the Swan River Pioneers compiled historical information and submissions from descendants of pioneer families onto a CD.  The CD included, in alphabetical order, the names of the first European families to Western Australia up to 31 December 1838 and gave a brief biographical description.  There were 350 families recorded on the CD.

Thanks goes to Graham Bown, Lyn Coy, Lorraine Evans and Daphne Edwards for their hard work producing this amazing resource.  This was the third in a series of CD's that contains information about the early Pioneers of the Swan River Colony 1829-1838.

Recently, we have managed to make the biographical information accessible here in PDF version. Simply click on the letter of the surname you want to research.

If you don't see your family included, please contact

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If you have any updates or additional information regarding the biographies featured, the Friends of Battye Library would welcome your contribution and appreciate hearing from you. Please email

Click here for a list of Passenger Ships arriving between 1829 and 1838

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