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Captain Charles Howe Fremantle & the HMS Challenger

On May 2nd 1829, Captain Charles Howe Fremantle (later became Admiral Sir CH Fremantle) took formal possession of the whole of the Western Coast of New Holland in the name of King George Fourth and the Union Jack was hoisted. On May 6th a party of twenty-five from the frigate HMS Challenger, which he commanded, landed at the bay just south of Arthur's Head and he lived there until relieved in the middle of June after arrival of the merchant ship Parmelia, which brought Captain Stirling (the Lieutenant Governor of the new Colony) and a number of settlers. The Parmelia arrived on June 1st and was followed by the sloop HMS Sulphur on June 8th.

On August 12th, the town of Perth was formerly inaugurated. When Captain Fremantle sailed for India on August 28th, three additional ships had arrived with settlers, cattle and stores, the St Leonard, the Marquis of Anglesea and the Calista.

Captain Fremantle's diary for 1832 throws much light on the general condition of the Colony three years after it's foundation. He had the interesting experience of landing at the settlement of Fremantle, named after himself, and then visited Perth and various farms and estates near by.

Suggested reading:  Diary & Letters of Admiral Sir CH Fremantle, G.C.B.

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