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Passenger List of the Gilmore

The ship 'Gilmore'

Arrived 15 December 1829

Shipping Register:
Gilmore enters the Register of Shipping in 1825 with Law, Master, Hunter andOwner, and trade London - Calcutta
The 1829 Register of Shipping shows Gilmore of 500 tons, having undergone lengthening and a large repair with W. Geary, master.
Peel and Co., owners, and trade London - New South Wales
Settlers Voyage 1829:
In July 1829, the Gilmore sailed from the St.Katherine Docks in London,picking up more passengers in Gravesend (where heavy winds slowed her) and Plymouth. There were also further delays at Capetown; the Captain W Geary had married one of the passengers and was in no hurry to leave. 
But Peel was in a hurry.
He would be given a land grant for the south east area of Perth, between the Swan and Canning Rivers, if he arrived before the 1st November 1829.
However, he did not arrive on time, instead arriving on the 15th December of that year.
Thus he was given 250,000 acres of land between Cockburn Sound and the Peel Inlet. The passengers on the Gilmore lived on the beach there for the first winter, at where about 30 settlers died.
In Lloyd's Register for Ships for 1837, the Gilmore was by then owned by Duncan, Gibb and Co. of Liverpool, and then travelled between London and Bombay (Mumbai).  She was sold to R Barry and Co. of London, where the ship was sent trading to New South Wales and India. The Gilmore was doubled and re-sheathed in 1841, with large repairs done in both 1843 and 1848.  In 1852, she was bought by Farquharson, who sold her to Bryant and Co. and she was then traded  between London and India. Between 1860 and 1862, the Gilmore disappeared from the lists: the ship was probably at this time that she was broken up.
Reference:  Museum without Walls - Mandurah Community Museum WA & Wikipaedia
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