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First Families of the Swan River Colony -  James & Elizabeth Pollard

James and Elizabeth left England with two children Elizabeth and George. Another child William died prior to embarkation and James Jnr was born aboard ship. James Snr was an indentured servant to Thomas Peel on arrival. James and family had to live in a tent on the beach as Peel had no money to pay his servants. James was invited by Lieutenant Governor Stirling to take up land on an allotment in the town of Guildford, purportedly to make small farms. He went to Guildford in August 1830. The land was Guildford Lot 89 in 1830 and Elizabeth had Lots 155 and 157 in 1833. After James died on 6 August 1854 at Guildford, his widow then married on 30 May 1857 to George Ruddock - a pensioner guard (born 1808, died 1868). Elizabeth then went to Gingin and lived with her daughter Elizabeth Gee. Elizabeth died in December 1878.

 Mary, b 25/11/1839, Guildford

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